Monday, January 7, 2008

S.C. Undocumented Students Could Face More Roadblocks

More negative immigration news. South Carolina House leaders have unveiled an immigration plan that would make lives very difficult for its illegal immigrant population. One of the worst parts of the plan is a provision that would not allow undocumented students to apply to any public college or receive any scholarship. Undocumented students already have to pay out-of-state rates in South Carolina, and most do not qualify for scholarships anyway without proper legal documentation. It's unfortunate that again and again undocumented students are lumped in with other illegal immigrants. Lets face it, the illegals applying to college aren't the ones who just jumped the fence a week ago. Majority, if not all, undocumented students were brought here as children and have graduated from a US high school. There is no reason for a college to use immigration status as a criteria because it shows nothing of the student's ability. Do the citizens of South Carolina really want their undocumented student population to join the underground work force, rather than educate and better themselves? That I even have to ask that question shows how out of hand anything related to immgration has become.

The article about the immigration plan for SC can be read here.

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