Monday, January 21, 2008

New Jersey and In-state

I recently came upon this article, which mentioned that New Jersey recently had a conference on in-state tuition for undocumented students and those on temporary visas. The article stated that the "immigration panel convened by Governor Corzine likely will recommend that undocumented immigrants pay the lower, in-state tuition rate at public colleges and universities."

This isn't the first time New Jersey has considered in-state for its undocumented students; since 2003 a bill addressing this issue has sat untouched. State schools in New Jersey, as in other states, vary on the way they deal with undocumented applicants. An example of this, is William Paterson University charges them out-of-state, while a few miles away Passaic County Community College charges them in-state based on the fact they live in the county. On the other hand, County College of Morris will not admit any student here illegal.

This bill will particularly help New Jersey students, since New Jersey Association of State Colleges and Universities in Trenton sites New Jersey having the second highest in-state tuition fees in the US.

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