Monday, January 14, 2008

More Teachers Need To Be Aware

Someone I know was recently on a flight and he struck up a conversation with a woman next to him. As they began speaking, it turned out that she was a law professor and dealt a lot with child advocacy. So my friend asked if she was aware of the 'DREAM Act', and she said she was not. She, however, was aware of students in that situation - being brought her as a young child and now undocumented. The Professor had even helped some of her students who were undocumented orphans get legal status (not an easy task), yet she had not heard of DREAM Act.

The point of this post is I believe more and more teachers need to be aware of DREAM Act. I do know that there are a few large teacher associations that have signed on to letters in support of DREAM, but I think they are a largely untapped resource of support. More individual teachers need to be made aware of the importance of DREAM Act. Though I believe that many Americans would support DREAM Act if they knew the truth about it, they have their own problems and their own concerns, so are less likely to actively speak out for it. Teachers, though, since they have watched so many undocumented students grow up and succeed, and then reach a roadblock at high school and/or college graduation, would be more likely be vocal about it.

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