Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Shalom and Welcome!

My plans for this blog is to focus on spreading the truth about the DREAM Act and debunk all the myths being spread about this legislation.

I want America to see the personal stories, struggles and accomplishments behind undocumented students who would benefit from the DREAM Act.

I will also post about immigration in general, as well as how it will relate to the upcoming 2008 elections.

The title for this blog came from reading a few news articles calling DREAM Act students, or DREAMies, as Generation 1.5 and ever since then the name has stayed with me. This is a generation stuck in the middle; between their parents born and raised outside the United States and their younger siblings who were born and raised inside the United States. These undocumented students, though not born in the United States, have been raised here, in some cases since infancy, and thus identify themselves as American.

I hope this blog will not only educate the public, but open the hearts and minds of United States citizens to the plight of undocumented students.


dtmya said...

Nice blog. Looking forward to future posts!

Alex said...

great first post!