Sunday, December 23, 2007

Be Fair

I found a letter about DREAM Act under the Voice of the People in South Bend Tribune. There isn't much to say or comment about it; the letter speaks on its own.

Be fair

On some occasions, our society asks parents to pay for illegal actions done by their minor children. Most agree that this can be a fair way to solve disputes. But I want people to ask themselves another question: Should children have to pay for the illegal actions of their parents?

If your answer is "What? Absurd! Who would blame a kid for his parent's choice to break the law?" read on. We would. If we are not begging our senators to pass the Dream Act, we are blaming kids for what their parents chose to do.

The Dream Act would allow high school graduates who were brought into our country without documentation to continue on to college and use their education to contribute to our country. These people are the teachers, health care workers and scientists our country desperately needs.

While grants and scholarships would be nice, these kids would be thrilled to have the chance I had, which was to work my way through college and pay back a loan after graduation.

Give the kids at least that opportunity! In the long run, we'll all reap the benefits. My eyes start to cross when I ponder the cluster of immigration issues in our country. Who knows how long it will take to resolve them all? But we can start by giving those kids the chance to live up to their full potential.

Margaret Kirkwood Quintana


iamashadow said...

I love the letter, it is great to see others who believe in the DREAM Act. Lately I've been hearing about backlash from the NC situation, community colleges officially giving the go to allow undocumented students. Alas, it is only out-of-sate but that's better than nothing I suppose.

Damn Mexicans said...

NC is the home of ALIPAC. A shotty organization meant to create as much noise as possible without actually contributing anything to the debate.