Thursday, December 20, 2007

Furniture Store Becomes Immigration Battle Zone

A furniture store in Phoenix, Arizona has now become, every weekend, a battleground over illegal immigration. Though Arizona has been dealing with immigration for many years, the problem in this particular city in front of this particular furniture store began after the store's owner hired off-duty sheriff's deputies (some whom are trained as immigration officers) to patrol around the store's parking lot and nearby area. According to the article 65 people illegal immigrants were arrested and deported by these sheriff's deputies. The protesters want the store owner to hire private security guards who do not have the power to deport people (a very reasonable request). With the protesters lining the sidewalk, business at the furniture store has slowed.

After the failure of comprehensive immigration this year, states and cities have begun passing their own immigration legislation, which has only complicated things nation wide. Allowing individual citizens to implement immigration laws on their own is a dangerous next step.

You can read the article here.

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