Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Exercise Your Right to Act

Time is ticking away to vote at change.org for DREAM Act. Voting ends Jan. 15th! Vote here!


The Obama website has decided to follow the lead of change.org and is now allowing for people to create ideas and also vote / comment on them. An idea for the DREAM Act has already been created, now we just need the votes to get us ranked.

Like the change.org idea, this one also requires you to create an account however it does NOT require you to confirm your account so one less step. Click the above link and you will be prompted to make an account, after doing so click back on the link and vote up (or down. . .). Each vote up is worth 10 points, the top idea currently has 900 votes and so we only need 900 to 1000 to get noticed! Go here to vote on the Obama website (different from change.org)!!!!!

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habib said...

Nice writing on "Exercise Your Right to Act"