Tuesday, November 25, 2008


What is Ideas for Change in America?

Ideas for Change in America is a citizen-driven effort to identify and create momentum around the best ideas for how the Obama Administration and Congress can turn the broad call for "change" across the country into specific policies. You can help by submitting an idea for how you would change America, discussing ideas with others, and/or voting for your favorites

There's a page on change.org to pass the DREAM Act. You must register with valid e-mail address before the vote can be counted (registration is painless and easy). DREAM Act idea is currently in first place under Immigration on the site, so let's keep it that way by adding more votes. Vote here.


Lal said...

And now it's in first place overall.

Thanks for helping spread the word.


kyledeb said...

I'm writing this comment because you're on Citizen Orange's blogroll. I'm looking only to keep those that I'm in touch with so if you could write me an email at kyle@citizenorange.com, I would appreciate it.