Sunday, June 8, 2008

DREAMERS Earning Degrees

So I haven’t posted on this blog for awhile...

Here’s an update on the biographies I’ve been collecting from DREAM Act Students. I’m listing once again degrees either earned or in the process of being earned: It always amazes me how accomplished DREAMERS are despite all the roadblocks of being an undocumented student. Legal or not, these accomplishments are something to be proud of.

Bachelor of Science Degree in Aerospace Engineering
Bachelor of Science Degree in Economics/Mathematics
Bachelor of Science Degree in Chemistry
Bachelor of Sciences in Electrical Engineering
Bachelor of Arts Degree in Global Studies and Maritime Affairs (Minor in Maritime Law)

AAS in Nursing RN
Accountant and Spanish Major
Physiological Sciences Major
Emergency Medical Technician (3rd Top Student


Lal said...

I have an MA in International Relations :-P gathering dust.

How many replies did you get for this project BTW?

Swim said...

overall, I got about 40 replies so far.