Thursday, February 7, 2008


I saw this over at DREAM Act Texas, and I knew I had to immediately make a post about it. I'd like to applaud all the DREAMERS who took this initiative and have given all of us a voice.

Phoenix, Arizona
February 6, 2008

A compelling account of the struggle that students without legal status in
the U.S. are facing has taken the form of a bilingual book. Under the title of
Documented Dreams, the Arizona-based Hispanic Institute of Social Issues
(HISI) has published a collection of letters written by students from
Gateway Early College High School, and compiled by the school’s principal —
and 2008 ‘Living the Dream’ award recipient— Yvonne Watterson

The letters were written in response to the anonymous and generous
donations by people from the community, who made financial contributions
to help students unable to qualify for in-state tuition continue taking college
classes. The group of High School students then decided to write thank you
letters to show their appreciation.

Watterson revealed that after reading the letters from students, “a book
seemed the obvious way to capture forever their collective thanks. The
students wanted to thank the strangers who were making their continued
college education a reality. They could only convey their gratitude
anonymously, from the shadows.”

The idea for a book emerged simultaneously with the defeat in the U.S.
Senate of the Dream Act last Fall. Millions of students were hoping to
regularize their status and be able to continue with their education.

“Mrs. Watterson contacted us, we read the letters, and immediately jumped
into giving form to the book project”, stated Eduardo Barraza, HISI’s
director. “We recognize that we are living in a historical turning point;
publishing the students’ letters is an attempt to ensure we accurately
record history as it happens before our eyes, and in the voice of its
protagonists: the students themselves.”

Documented Dreams is a book of enormous human value, mainly because it
symbolizes the aspirations of millions of students caught in a sociopolitical
midpoint. The book will further contribute to the efforts of keeping students
taking college classes at this early college program, as it will be used as a
tuition fund-raising tool.

For further information visit or call 480 – 983–

Book Details: Documented Dreams • Edited and compiled by Yvonne
Watterson • Photographs by Eduardo Barraza • ISBN: 978-0-9797814-3-8
• Paperback • Language: Bilingual in English and Spanish. $25.00 Minimum

Published by the Hispanic Institute of Social Issues © 2008


Anonymous said...

Hey! I have the book, it's pretty cool actually.

Tammy said...

Original Message -----
From: berdeaux
Sent: Saturday, December 27, 2008 9:35 PM
Subject: Yvonne Watterson and the corrupt educational system in Arizona

Mr. Kossan,
"Celebrated principal fired from charter", give us a break. The only celebrated teacher aspect is the “puffing herself” for the past six years. You do not know how many people celebrated her firing.
“Watterson suspects her activism could be to blame.” Well, that is typical Watterson for you. It is not her activism, it is her corrupt administration.
Maybe if you would do a little checking you would find her “dark side”, that is to say her real side. You do a disservice to your readers trying to cover up for her in print.
Why don’t you write about all the illegal actives she and others at that school have been up to and Watterson’s’ victimization of kids by her at Gateway. Print the truth once in awhile.
Attached is some real journalism that is supported by facts, not sloppy journalism such as yours.
Why don’t you write about the corrupt educational system in Arizona? Maybe you could find answers as to why we are at the bottom of the list. Find out why Gateway staff consistently falsified federal documents and the cover-up. Find out why the AG's office ignores violations of state statutes by "Watterson and company". If you are really interested in our educational system here, then do something constructive, not write this garbage. Attached are just a few reasons why she was fired. If the Ag's office had done their job a year ago, we would not be going to federal court with "Watterson and company". You may even see some Board Members on the Defendants list. If you get interested in the corruption side of it all, let me know as I have stacks of documents, many in electronic form.
Thank you for your time and consideration.
Jack Berdeaux, Ed.D.
Disability Advocate